How to get better ideas


Take part of an intense training experience that will provide  you with tools, methods and mindsets to scan the world around you for new  inspiration and knowledge, and practise how to use these new insights to develop  more creative, radical and innovative ideas and concepts.
This bespoke seminar is intended  for organisations and  individuals that need and want to learn and practise a structured inspiring framework for innovative creative processes. 


How to become a Futurist


Unleash your inner futurist. Join an action-based training experience that will provide you with tools, methods and mindsets that will help you imagine, develop and create new scenarios for the future of your organisation.
This bespoke seminar aims to empower individuals and organisations to demystify the future by daring to imagine and design how that  future could look like, and use those new scenarios to discover new opportunities for their business to grow.

collective intelligence

How to build a creative team


Step up  the creative potential of your team. Join a powerful and inspiring collaborative experience that will provide you and your  team with new tools, methods and mindsets to use creativity and collective intelligence as an asset for a more innovative workplace.
This bespoke seminar is intended for organisations that need to bring together multidisciplinary teams to solve creative challenges, and want to use the power of collective knowledge as a tool for igniting newer and fresher ideas.


“Simplicity is complexity resolved.” - Constantin Brancusi

We believe in the power of simple tools to tackle complex issues. That’s why with every training & learning course, we tailor a compilation of tools and methods that the participants can use during the seminar, and bring home with them,  in the form of a deck of cards or a small cookbook that serve as powerful learning artefacts.