Technology to enhance the Human Experience

Technology is truly amazing. It is an extension of our bodies and minds to the world, and it is as natural to us as the language we speak. From the first tools our ancestors designed in the stone ages to our current ubiquitous glossy screens, we’ve always relied on the artefacts we create to make our lives easier, better and more efficient.  But how can we better understand the potential that technology can offer to enhance the human experience? How to go beyond the merely gimmick of the machinery itself and really ignite meaning and relevance?
Experience Design offers a fertile ground to conduct this exploration and stretch the limits of what is possible. It serves as a generative platform to allow us to focus not only in how to “use”a given artefact or only on its practical qualities, but rather in the opportunities and the potential that the object enables for the creation of new significant realities.
It aims to enhance the experience of traveling, rather than focusing on the details of the car itself, or it intends to establish close relationships and memories between people while sharing a meal, rather than only looking at the qualities of the food alone.




You can’t design experiences,
you gotta co-create them!

Do interior designers design rooms, or do they design "interior experiences?" The pragmatic answer is: they design rooms. The far stretched answer is that they design 'interior experiences'. Another perspective is that they design rooms, that lead to a wide range of interior experiences, some planned and others not. But they do not design all possible experience one can have in a room.

Realising that you can't design experiences, that you ultimately need to co-create the experience with your user, is perhaps the most empowering realisations that an experience designer can have. This realisation is what is behind the transformation of enterprise logic, across sectors towards co-creation with the end user.  Once you realise that you can't control other experiences, a powerful direction is to look for empowering assumption about the target group you are designing for. Realising that you can't design experiences is the most powerful assumption you can design experiences from.





Want to feel better?
We have an experience for that!

Happiness levels is being measured in the financial departments of most countries today. It is a new currency and one of the major indicators for measuring a nation’s prosperity and progress. However, stress is predicted to be the number one cause of illness by 2020 in Europe. Something about the experiences that people are having in society is going wrong. How can a country strategically increase physical, mental and emotional health through focusing on the experiences that deliver these impacts?
Meaningful experiences and memories make us happier. A happier societies will have a healthier and more resilient population, this will ultimately drive economic growth and be beneficial for all of us.


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About the research

This research project was done in the spring of 2015 by Bespoke in collaboration with Experience Designer Andy Sontag. And it is intended to serve as a source of inspiration for individuals and organizations working with design, creativity, innovation and other related fields. Our approach is based on a combination of different creative and analytical research methods, and aims to spark and encourage imaginative thinking that can lead to more creative and innovative future solutions and scenarios for the industry.

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